Exciting news

Today I'm stepping away from normal outfit posting to share some exciting news. I recently found out that I was accepted to the University of Rhode Island's fashion program with a $44,000 scholarship.

It has always been a dream of mine to study fashion, and eventually enjoy a successful career in the fashion industry. My parents always told me growing up to find something that I love to do so much, I would work for free. I always felt fashion was that for me, but it wasn't until my internship at a local boutique during the first semester of my senior year that I was sure.  

I applied to numerous colleges across the country that are known for their outstanding fashion programs and industry connections. While I was accepted to multiple schools, I was waiting to hear from the University of Rhode Island before making my decision. 

When you think of fashion colleges and universities, the University of Rhode Island may not be your first thought. However, they have an incredible fashion program and an impressive network of connections in the fashion industry. New York City is a train ride away, which is perfect for internship opportunities. I looked into schools in the city, but growing up in a small suburban town that seemed too overwhelming for me.

I am excited to begin the next chapter of my life at a school I feel will be the perfect fit for my personal goals and aspirations. Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog, you are helping my dreams come true! 


  1. That's awesome Kate!!! Congratulations, that must be really exciting!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! <3 THATS AMAZING! love your style and im sure you'll be an awesome addition to their program! Go Kate! xo