closet organization

If you hadn't noticed already, I clearly have a HUGGE shopping problem. One benefit of having a dad who is a builder is that he constructed this closet for me totally custom. That helps a lot in terms of organization- everything has its spot, since it was designed specifically for the items I own. That being said, my collections (shoes, purses, hunter boots etc.) are constantly growing and what once seemed like more than adequate space has begun to feel cramped. My biggest issue is how to store/display all of my purses. Suggestions would be welcome!

One thing I do love about my OCD organization system is that it is so easy to plan outfits with everything right on hand and visible. That is especially true for my jewelry table. The bracelet display (from eBay!) and the two jewelry trees (from Walgreens!) not only keep everything neat, seen, and organized, but also serve as decorations. I also love my necklace wall- such a pretty statement as the back wall of my closet but also super functional. I used command strips hangers for easy and versatile hanging.

Thanks so much for reading! I will have more outfit posts up soon. It has just been unhumanly cold in New England lately and I can't convince anyone to venture outside in the wind and snow with me.

Have a fantastic rest of the week! Halfway there :)

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  1. I love your closet! Everything is so organized, and I am obsessed with your hunter boot collection :)